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Sunday, January 1, 2012

I tip my hat to you Allie!

I saw this on the news this morning (while I was still lounging in my bed drinking my coffee) and I knew that it needed to be shared with everyone. This is a heart-warming story to reassure everyone of the goodwill and humanity that does still exist in the world. Kudos to Allie Carr!
Here's the basic story...

Dan was in end-stage kidney failure and desperately needed a new kidney. Dan, and his wife Megin, searched through family and friends, but no one was a match for Dan's blood type (type B which is somewhat rare.) Time was running out. They needed someone who;
1) would donate their kidney 
2) be Type B blood and
3) they had to be in very good health
Pretty slim chance, huh?

Megin decided to turn to Facebook in hopes of finding a donor. Her Facebook page was My husband needs a new kidney. 
That pretty much said it all. 
Somehow Allie Carr found this very important Facebook page and wanted to help. She was tested and proved to be a good match for Dan. Last Wednesday she went into surgery to donate her kidney to someone she met five months previously thru a Facebook page. AMAZING!!

It takes a unique kind of person to do such a selfless act of generosity towards a complete stranger. In today's hustle bustle society, many people are just too consumed with their own hectic lives and personal schedules.
Allie said that she wanted to do something 'meaningful.' Mission accomplished Allie and I tip my hat to you for your lesson in giving from the heart (or kidney lol) to someone in need. The world thanks you!
here's the tv story for you- http://www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-stranger-gives-a-kidney-to-save-anothers-life-20111230,0,770281.story

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