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Monday, January 23, 2012

PBS does it again!

The platypus has a sixth sense. Really? Tell me more I said. My 12 year old son then began what can only be described as a rapid-firing, both barrels blazing, arsenal of facts about the platypus. I was told all about their sixth sense (which is kinda like radar), what they eat and so much more.
My son learned all of this by watching the PBS channel on TV. He is intrigued their new show called Wild Kratts. This show debuted January 2011 and appears to be a hit. While the show is geared for younger kids, my son just loves all of the animal facts and trivia. http://www.pbs.org/parents/wildkratts/episode-description.html

Without missing a beat, he then starts to tell me about the draco lizard. "He glides not flies." I was pretty much speechless by this point. Let me explain. My son has ADHD and one of his biggest struggles has always been his inability to retain information. But PBS (once again!) has made a high quality educational television program that does not feel like school work. Kudos!
PBS Wild Kratts has given children a view of the world that is outside of their own backyard. Thank you PBS. 

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