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Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Be or not to Be; Raising a genderless child

 Five years ago, a UK couple had a baby and decided NOT to announce the gender of that child to anyone but a small selection of family and friends. They named the child Sasha which was chosen as a neutral name. The primary reason for their choice was to release the child from gender stereotyping. Sasha was openly allowed to dress in both boy and/or girl clothes and played with all toys including trucks and dolls. They recently were forced to reveal the sex of Sasha as a requirement of entering school. Sasha is a boy.

Next, is a couple from Canada. They have an adorable four-month old baby named Storm. They have also chosen not to disclose the sex of their child to anyone but a few exclusive people. Again they cited gender stereotyping as their main justification.

Is living genderless taking away something (self identity)  or is it adding something (appreciation for both sexes)? Or a little of both?

While it may not be my own personal choice as a parenting style (I have too big of a mouth to keep the secret! lol), I can however keep an open-mind to the possible positive effects that this may have on the later grown up child. I am all for the idyllic 'rose-colored glasses' type of world where everyone is holding hands and getting the same salary. This type of genderless upbringing may pioneer a whole new style of parenting. It allows the parents to free themselves from the rules/norms of society. An end to the blue and pink catastrophe!  
Overall, I hope for a general acceptance and tolerance of everyone. Remember, the world is no longer flat.

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