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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grandma's House

Noah Lamaide deserves a major 'atta boy!'
This 12 year old boy is making a positive difference in the lives of others. It started when he was nine years old and his mother challenged him to do a community service project each year. Soon he was foregoing birthday presents in exchange for donations to the local food bank, helping Hurricane Katrina victims, and raising money for terminally ill people to visit Disneyland. Noah even started his own website to help with fundraising for his community projects. Here's the link- http://dreamcatcher.bbnow.org/index.php
It seems that Noah's parents have taught him to openly help other people. And, he may have learned some humanity from his grandma who has been a foster parent to over 100 children! So when this same grandma fell behind on her mortgage payments due to health problems, Noah put out a plea on his website asking just four hundred people to each donate $25.00 to help save grandma's house from foreclosure. It worked!

Noah is a shining example of giving from the heart and he proves that charity begins at home. Please consider making a donation at his website- Noah's Dream Catcher Network (the link is posted above). Good job Noah!

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