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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Red flags are waving- Pay attention!

In New Hampshire, a 14 year-old boy shot himself in the face while at his schools' cafeteria during lunchtime on Friday. He is alive and listed in serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit. It was reported that he had been passing notes in class during the week saying that he was depressed. Really guys? This didn't tip off anyone?
 In today's society, you can not be too over-involved in young peoples lives. Teachers/counselors/parents/principles/friends you didn't notice his depression? You need to be alert for warning signs! Generally speaking, these types of things do not just pop up randomly out of the blue. There probably was some telltale path of mood changes and withdrawal that occurred and everyone missed it. Shameful.
    Hunter my heart breaks for you. I sincerely pray that you can fully recover from the physical and emotional scars of this incident. Also to the many other students and staff that witnessed this tragic event.

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